The Regional Natural Reserve of the Lakes of Doberdò and Pietrarossa can be freely visited every day of the year. Among the Visitor Center, maps and topographic papers are available for a better orientation while facing the routes.

Guided tours, organized by Pavees Cooperative Society, are subject to a fee and are part of the plan of didactic proposals that can be viewed here.

Pavees Cooperative Society declines all the responsibility for damage and accidents to property, animals and people caused by inappropriate behavior during excursions and by the technical and preparatory inadequacy of hikers.

However, the company is pleased to inform visitors about the following advice / provisions:

- Avoid taking any route, especially if in a highly wooded area or on slippery or sloping ground, if the weather conditions are adverse;

- Evaluate the altimetric and kilometric feasibility of the routes also and above all on the basis of your experience and your level of training;

- Avoid making excursions if your physical conditions are altered or inoptimal, especially in the (very understandable ..) eventuality in which alcoholic beverages have been consumed;

- Avoid making excursions when extreme temperatures are registered, especially if you are not experienced or badly equipped;

- Always evaluate the difficulties related to the walking of certain routes in the presence of elderly or children: in some cases, it is absolutely impossible for prams or strollers to complete the route;

- To guarantee the most possible high quiet to the animal world, and to limit the basically already very low percentage of accidents, avoid dressing in bright colors and with uncovered shoes;

- Remember that the killing of wildlife (including vipers and presumed vipers) is a criminal offense according to the Italian jurisdiction, also punishable by arrest; you will also be held responsible for the actions of your dogs and other pets;

- We recommend, of course, equipment adeguate for the chosen excursion.

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