In the Nature Reserve, the vegetal landscape is very varied, being characterized by habitats whose ecological characteristics range from humid environments, associated with the two lakes, to parasteppici ones, such as the moor. The result is a high degree of overall floristic biodiversity.

As for Lake Doberdò, the only one to have maintained the characteristics of a temporary lake, the floristic composition varies according to the edaphic humidity. We thus pass from the riparian forest with willows and poplars to the band of sedges with the showy blooms of Leucojum aestivum followed by the reeds at Phragmites australis up to the deeper areas, where aquatic species such as water lilies grow.

At Lake Pietrarossa the willow groves of Salix cinerea and Frangula alnus are very developed, and the sequence described for Lake Doberdò is not present, as the water level is almost constant.

Of particular interest is the parasteppic heath, with Chrysopogon gryllus and Centaurea cristata, on which a process of scrub by the scotan (Cotinus coggygria) is underway.

Large areas are occupied by karst bush with black hornbeam and oak, replaced only in some cooler areas by oak and turkey oak woods.

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